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Transparency in rental property marketing  is key to keeping vacancies at a minimum

Transparency in rental property marketing is key to keeping vacancies at a minimum

When it comes to marketing your rental properties, transparency is the best policy. Quickly and efficiently filling rental vacancies is all about attracting tenants who know exactly what to expect when they schedule a viewing.

All too often landlords post property descriptions that embellish the property’s true state. The obvious issue with this is that prospective tenants coming to view the place expect to see a property described in the ad, only to realize they’re time has been wasted---and so has yours. Efficiently marketing rental properties to fill vacancies means attracting tenants who want exactly what you’re offering. That means descriptions and photos that accurately reflect the rental property’s true colors.

The key to efficient rental property marketing

Once a tenant vacates a rental property and it's been cleaned and prepared to show to new prospective tenants, the next step is marketing the place to fill the vacancy. as quickly as possible The key to efficient rental property marketing is promoting the property as prospective tenants will see it when they come for a walk-through.

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many landlords embellish their rental property ads and exclude flaws and blemishes simply to attract as many potential tenants to the property as possible. This approach can backfire when people turn out to view the property in person only to find that it does not meet their expectations. In addition, prospective renters who are open to some imperfections for the right price may pass on your listing if it prompts the assumption that they can’t compete for what sounds like a fabulous rental with higher quality tenants. When this happens, the landlord has not only wasted everyone's time, he or she may have inadvertently discouraged viable tenants. Use photos that show the property in an honest light

Your marketing photos should depict the property in its true light, warts and all, to promote transparency and attract tenants who expect to see the property listed online. Post 18-24 photos of the property with your listing, and include photos of all rooms, common areas, the property’s exterior, storage space, and common areas so prospective tenants have a realistic idea of what the property offers. Posting only one photo can, by omission, be as misleading as embellishing the property’s description in an ad. The more details you disclose in your listing, the better your chances of finding the right tenant quickly.

Post virtual walk-through videos to market vacant properties

When marketing a rental property online, include as many details as possible. In your listing title, stay away from subjective words that may be open to interpretation.. For example, avoid descriptive adjectives like: “beautiful,” “elegant, “ and ”charming.” Instead, go with the facts, such as “2-bed, 2-bath, master suite, granite, hardwood floors, parking, laundry, storage, pets OK.” Accurate, concise titles capture the attention of potential renters immediately, whereas lofty superlatives tell them nothing they really need to know. Renters focus on the basics when they search properties online. By putting these tips to work when marketing your rental property, your lead quality will improve and your time wasted will diminish. Best of all, following these tips will help you minimize vacancies that sit unrented since you’ll be attracting potential tenants that are the best match for your property.

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