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4 ways to instantly improve your Real Estate Investment business

1. Find Friends who DON’T talk negatively about your business.

Your friends have a much bigger influence on your business than you realize. Surround yourself with people who strengthen your character and business. Remove yourself from people who would attempt to compromise your commitment to your business. A common saying is true, “your pocketbook is the same size as the 3 people you spend time with”. If you were to take the 3 people you interact with the most add their yearly income up divide it by 3 it will be close to your annual income.

2. Be your best critic but don’t be critical of your business.

Constant critical criticism inward and outward is toxic to a business. Be the biggest encouraged and critic but don’t be critical. Learn to celebrate your success and build up your courage instead of tearing yourself down.

3. Never using the word “Impossible”

Take the “I-word” out of your vocabularies. If you feel a task is impossible or a mountain challenge can’t be conquered, you’re undermining the foundation of success. Commit to your business that you’re taking the I-word off the table and resolve to work through any challenges.

4. Never making excuses.

I hate to be a little vulgar but my dad once said “excuses are like butt holes; everyone has one and they all stink”. One of the most important decisions you can ever make for your business is to choose to stop making excuses for why something went wrong and instead making a way to start improving. Be proactive to your failures and not reactive. If you’re ready to stop making excuses and start making a way, then I’d encourage you to start with the 2 things below.

Two things you need to START doing in your business

Making time together a priority.

I set a time to work and have a goal every day and I stick to it. There will be the temptation call I get every day. As I am typing this my wife just called said 3 oldest kids get out of school 12:30 if we want to spend 1 on 1 time with our 3-year-old on his birthday today I need to make it happen before 12:30. To push through my day and be successful I will most likely go to lunch today with the birthday boy then get a babysitter tonight after work when work is off my mind so quality uninterrupted time will be spent phone away smile to smile. I am an 8-5 kind of guy but run my own business and there are 3000 contacts in my phone and I am always available. I got a call last night while I was in my attic fixing a roof leak from the rain from a client and I picked up. If we stick to 8-5 100% focus except for what I call the stitches or break an arm call (emergency) I am sticking to 8-5 besides that to make success happen.

Point out the positive.

For most of us, criticism comes more naturally than encouragement, but be intentional about pointing out the positive in your business and your business partners if you have them. Praise your business, or partners-him/her for the good he/she is doing. Take your mind off the negative at times and look to the light. Laugh often have fun with life. Our thoughts become actions, let them be positive thoughts always. Build your business up and your positive words will be possibility into reality.

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