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Property Managers who Love Managing

Our Origin Story

Keep, a Property Management Company, has revolutionized our industry. Our 8K Guarantee has gained Local and National praise and our technology is the foundation that bridges our processes and customer service. Keep was founded on the principle of great customer success makes a great company. We have devoted countless hours, days, months, and years to building a customer centric property management company. 

Keep, Arizona Property management company
Our Team

Our Team

We have comprised a team of great individuals whose performance is unmatched in the industry. Time and time again we hear horror stories of property managers who have dropped the ball and caused real financial damage to the homeowner and tenant. This is what motivated us to get into the property management business in Tucson, AZ. We have hired only the best employees and trust every single one of them with our personal investments. We not only offer the most complete full service property management experience but give the highest performing results for our clients. This is why we are not just a full service property management company but a full PERFORMANCE property management company. We pride ourselves on performing great customer service, the most benefit financially to our landlords, and the highest quality work we can possibly do.

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